Point Of Sales (SIBS POS)

A POS is the heart of a business and is used to complete purchases by accepting credit card payments and making cash sales. POS terminal is synonymous with POS system. POS terminal is the electronic equipment performing the sales transactions and processing the card payment. A modern POS can track pricing accuracy, inventory changes, gross revenue and sales pattern. Using integrated technology to track data it helps retailers to catch discrepancies in pricing or cash flow that could lead to profit loss or interrupt sales. POS system that monitors inventory and buying trends can help the retailer avoid customer service issues such as out of stock, sales, tailor purchasing and marketing to consumer behavior.

Our software is a complete point of a sale system solution for small & mid-sized retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers operating from a single store to a whole outlet. POS billing software is feature-rich software with highly flexible configurations. It has additional features that provide Inventory Management, Quick Billing, Barcode Design, Financial Accounting and Service Billing.

Benefits of POS system

⦁ Better inventory management
⦁ Simple invoicing
⦁ Quick payment

⦁ Better customer order and management
⦁ Better purchasing
⦁ Better customer satisfaction and loyalty

This software can also integrate with other software systems such as accounting apps, CRM software and the E-commerce platform to enhance a business operation capability and flexibility.

POS is a place where a customer executes a payment for goods or services and where sales taxes may become a payment.

In 2021 most POS systems should be able to accept mobile payment methods and provide to access real-time data. E-wallets mobile payments have quickly become a huge trend, steering us towards a society where payments can be made conveniently with just a tap of a button.