Assets Management and Tracking on cloud

SIBS FAMS is more than just preparing fixed asset register and compiling accounting and depreciation reports. It tackles issues such as tracking asset locations, movement history, analyzing maintenance and repair and downtime history
The asset management system is a systematic process of developing, operating, maintaining, upgrading and disposing of assets in the most cost-effective manner. It decreases administrative costs and improves services. We provide a clear overview of your asset in the cloud. It is designed to meet unique business needs as well as to streamline and control asset management. Our software provides essential insights for intelligent asset maintenance and operations. It is a fully integrated asset management platform that enables you to improve operational availability and reduce risk, by using advanced analytic tools and data.


⦁ Asset Accounting
⦁ Depreciation Management
⦁ Document Management
⦁ Asset Lifecycle Management

⦁ Bar coding
⦁ Disposal Management
⦁ Inventory Tracking


Inventory management software allows you to keep tabs on all your products one automated inventory software can connect with your sales date and let you know when an item is running low.